MCKV Group of Institutions

MCKV Group of Institutions

MCKV Group of Institutions

Chairman's Message

As Managing Trustee and Vice Chairman of the Group, I warmly invite you to visit our campuses at Liluah (Howrah district, WB) and Madhupur (Deoghar District, Jharkhand) and witness physically the student-friendly teaching-learning processes adopted here. We crafted our institutions matching with top class global schools with our tireless effort. Your constructive suggestions to make our institutions ‘better than the best’ will always be welcome. We ensure effective implementation of suggestions by well-wishers in their true spirit rather than look upon them as criticism.         

As a true worker of our trust, I guarantee the provision of adequate resources, facilities and expertise for students so that they can achieve academic, personal and career goals in a stimulating and supportive environment in our institutions. 

Our faculty includes a good number of reputed professionals who provide regular interaction and consultation outside the classroom to familiarize our students with the global scenarios and widening the horizon of their knowledge.

Few colleges today display the foresight to be able to look back at India’s ancient heritage of developmental progress and simultaneously make bold plans for a long-term future. We belong to that rare group.                                                                                                

The growth of India and the growth of our group are strongly connected. In fact, I firmly believe that we cannot have one without the other. A strong India, benefiting from economic partnership, freedom of expressing new ideas, and a deep respect for the individual – while respecting national and regional cultures – creates the prime conditions that institutions need to prosper.                                                                                                                   

As a true Indian, I am optimistic about our motherland. Our country has the huge potential to grow in the coming years. The teaching faculties at our institutions, comprising some of the finest minds in the teaching profession, fully realize their important role in actualizing this potential. Our alumni, with their profound domain knowledge, exposure and experience, not only unfailingly provide solid support to our current students, but also serve as the ambassadors and spokespersons of our Group.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that the success of all the endeavors and initiatives of the MCKV Group are entirely dependent on the support, cooperation, goodwill and involvement of our stakeholders.

Jai Hind

Shri K K Kejriwal

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