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MCKV Group of Institutions


About Us

 M.C.Kejriwal Vidyapeeth (MCKV) was established 20 years ago as an English medium school on 15th of June, 1997 at Liluah, Howrah, West Bengal, by M. C. Kejriwal Charity Trust (established in 1976) in fond memory of the grandfather, the late Mirzamal Kejriwal, and the father, the late Chhagan Kejriwal, of Shri S.S.Kejriwal, the Chairman and founder of the Group. As time passed and citizens' demand generated by goodwill for MCKV increased, (which is now the prime ISC School for boys in this industrial area), Shri S. S. Kejriwal was instrumental in launching, in due course, the other institutions which collectively constitute the MCKV Group of Institutions. 

In addition to extending continuous support to the hospital established by his late father at Ramgarh, Rajasthan, Shri S. S. Kejriwal felt the strong urge  of creating unique institutions in the densely populated area of GT Road at Liluah in the district of Howrah, not very far from Belurmath (the HQ of Internationally famed Rama Krishna Mission). At the time, though Howrah was considered the twin city of Calcutta, there was a dearth of technical colleges with of exception of the old Bengal Engineering College. A philanthropist at heart, he started the first private engineering college in the district with AICTE approval and affiliation from Vidyasagar University, Midnapore. Now MCKV Institute of Engineering (MCKVIE) has gained the reputation of being one of the best technical colleges in India. Simultaneously, his concerns about affordable health care for the masses led to the establishment of a diagnostic centre at Liluah, and thus was born MCKV Health & Medicare. Later, he also explored the possibility of spreading education in the neighboring state of Jharkhand, and subsequently acquired a huge area of rural land in Madhupur, Deoghar District, Jharkhand to run Madhusthali Vidyapeeth, a co-ed residential school, affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for the ICSE and ISC examinations. In Madhupur, the MCKV Group has also launched two additional institutions: the Madhusthali Institute of Teacher Training and the Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences. MITT is catering for NCTE approved B.Ed, D.El.Ed and University approved B.Lib.Info.Sc programs whereas MIPS is for professional courses on different Paramedical courses. All the three institutions at  Madhupur Campus are progressing day by day and Group is thinking to develop the campus area with more fruitful courses in future.


The MCKV Group of Institutions will serve the nation and the world by nurturing talented, broad-minded, and educated students, by conducting high quality academic and research programs, developing breakthrough technologies, and preserving and disseminating knowledge characterized by a unique blend of curricular and experiential content delivered within a student-centric culture. 

In keeping with the founding vision of Shri S.S. Kejriwal, our community fosters personal discovery and growth, encourages scholarship and creativity across a broad range of knowledge, and engages men and women from every segment of society in this mission. 

We pursue understanding beyond the limitations of existing knowledge, ideology, and disciplinary structure. 

We affirm the values of continual cultivation and enrichment of the human mind and spirit to individuals and society.


  • To be the best at serving Indian society by creating knowledge and educating people in different fields for dynamic and global careers. 
  • To emerge as a global leader in the arena of skills education.
  • To be a great world institution whose academic portfolio, research agenda, and educational models align with the shifting needs of a complex planet. 
  • To utilize world-class intellectual resources and interdisciplinary opportunities to prepare our students for lifelong creation of knowledge and solutions to complex real-world problems.
  • To strive towards goal-objectives in a context of freedom with responsibility as a cohesive team of students, faculty members and committed leadership. 
  • To promote initiative, integrity, and excellence in an environment of collegiality, civility, and responsible stewardship in the nation and the world.

Value Systems

Student Centeredness

Exhibits positive behavior, performs duties of position, and/or makes decisions that demonstrate and/or support the importance of students as the primary constituency of the educational institutions and/or contribute directly to student success.

Professional Development and Scholarship

Takes actions to continuously advance and/or improve in one’s academic or professional discipline; as an individual contributor; as a team member; and/or as an organizational leader.

Integrity and Ethics

Does what it takes to deliver on commitments made to the school, department, college, or division and to constituency groups. Builds personal trust and relationships inside and outside the university by doing what one says he or she will do when it is promised.

Respect, Diversity and Pluralism

Provides a high level of service to fellow members of the MCKV community, and treating every person with dignity. Demonstrates inclusion by incorporating diverse perspectives to plan, conduct, and/or evaluate the work of the organization, department, college, or division.

Innovation and Flexibility

Provides and/or encourages new ideas that could make the department, college, or division an even better organization. Open to, and adapts well to change.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Contributes to the efforts of all the department, division, or college as a team player. Works well with others outside the department to accomplish cross-college or division goals and objectives.


We consider that all students who enroll in our institutions for any program are capable of successfully graduating with a qualification/degree with the clear understanding that young people are maturing rapidly and therefore may change their professional and personal aspirations.

Psychological approach

New students normally struggle with adjustments to campus life and academic expectations. Our responsibility to create a comfort ambience flexible enough that allows students to settle quickly to focus his directions and goal.

Faculty Strength

We embrace the responsibilities of our faculty members for preeminent research as well as for excellent teaching, knowing that variability of learning and teaching styles of our individual students and faculty

Individual needs

we highly value the requirement of everyone in our learning community to balance workload and personal life, creating an inclusive, respectful environment in which community bonds and responsibility exceed competitiveness.


  • Contemporary and rigorous educational experiences that develop a complete global person and beyond;
  • An atmosphere that facilitates personal commitment to the educational success of students in an environment that values diversity and community;
  • Education and research partnerships with in-house resources and targeted agencies, universities, and industries;
  • Highly successful alumni who contribute to the profession domain in  global society;
  • Programs like PhD, M.Tech, B.Tech, MCA, B.Ed and others that integrate global awarenesscommunication skills and team-building  across the academic curriculum;
  • Internationally recognized research programs with peer reviewed publications in eminent discipline specific journals;
  • Graduate education and industrial practical training that prepares students for interdisciplinary  research and advanced problem solving;
  • Leadership and holistic welfare service to meet society’s needs.

Our inspiration

Shri Shyam Sunder Kejriwal, a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist, strongly felt that the development of India as a modern, progressive, prosperous, and self-reliant country depended entirely on the creation of a well-informed and educated citizenry. Read more
Shri S S Kejriwal

Chairman's Message

I guarantee the provision of adequate resources, facilities and expertise for students so that they can achieve academic, personal and career goals in a stimulating and supportive environment in our institutions. Read more
Shri K K Kejriwal